Monday, 3 September 2012

Women Orgasm with Women 83% of the Time!

I ran across some interesting stats...

They come from "The Harvard Crimson" website…

Which is the site for the college newspaper for Harvard University.

It stated that women who make love with other women orgasm 83% of the time…

However only 27% of women orgasm with men!

Hmmm... very interesting…

What does this tell us?

Well, without trying to assume too much…it's a pretty safe bet to say these women don't have penises.

And without a penis involved there isn't going to be much (if any) thrusting going on.

Clearly this shows that it takes much more than JUST thrusting your package in and out to make your woman orgasm, let alone squirting orgasm.

What do you know, that's something that Jason Julius been "preaching" for years.

And now finally some stats to back it up!

Sure, thrusting is all well and good and women love it, but ONLY after you've given her one, if not more orgasms "manually" or orally.

The thing is, there are very specific techniques you need to use…

And very specific "orgasm spots" you need to hit, before you even start thinking about

These are the techniques that separate the real men from the wannabes.

The best part is you can start using these techniques on her tonight and have her bragging to her friends tomorrow :-)

Everything you need to know can be found right here.