Friday, 31 August 2012

Kegel Exercises for Squirting Orgasm

I hope this post finds you doing well...

Time for a reader question... This one's from Jim...
Hi Jason, thanks for everything.
I've used Jason Julius' techniques and they work incredibly!!
I have a question...
I've made girls cum and they make the whole bed wet, but it doesn't actually squirt.
I know these women are having full body squirting orgasms, but it doesn't shoot out like I've seen before.
Am I giving them a squirting O?
I've been told I am.
Thank you,
A great question...

Yes, this is a squirting orgasm...

You see all women are different in how they orgasm.

In fact I don't think any woman I've ever been with has orgasmed in the same exact way.

Sure, they all scream and moan like crazy and leave scratches all over my back, but when it comes to the squirting orgasm, that can be different.

Some will squirt and hit the wall across the room while for others it kind of just dribbles out.

Nothing particularly wrong with either way.

However, for the ones that can really squirt they usually have stronger vaginal muscles.

Accomplished by doing "Kegel Exercises", which you can teach your woman how to do.

Kegel exercises will strengthen her vaginal muscles and allow her to experience a more powerful and pleasurable squirting orgasm (with "bigger" squirts)

Of course before you go telling her she needs to do kegel exercises for her squirting orgasm, you better make sure your skills are up to par first by going through my Blueprint course.

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