Saturday, 1 September 2012

Not Opened to Squirting Orgasm?

You might be "nervous" about introducing the new techniques you're going to learn from The Blueprint into the bedroom.

Maybe you're not quite sure how she'll react to the idea of squirting orgasm...

Or maybe you're worried she might not be receptive to trying something "new"...

Well I've got good news for you my friend...

That's the least of your worries.

The fact is, your woman WANTS YOU to educate yourself on how to please her.

She just doesn't want to be the one to "make you" do it.

I get emails just like the one below everyday from women asking how to get their man interested in learning how to give them squirting orgasm.

Check it out...

Hey there, my name is Lindsay.
I've signed up for your emails because I'm having trouble in my relationship.
We love each other, but he has troubles in bed.
It's ruining our relationship.
I really want him to receive your emails too and hopefully buy the course.
Any recommendations on how I can get him open to this idea?

It's so sad...

Most women will never get the true satisfaction of receiving a full body squirting orgasm from their man.

However your woman doesn't have to suffer the same fate.

You've been on my newsletter for awhile now and you've been implementing a few of my tips...

And I commend you for that.

You're truly in an elite class...

Most men will never gain the knowledge that you have already.

The thing is, there are still many more techniques you need to learn...

And there is still so much you don't know about your woman's body and what it's capable of.

It's time to get serious about your love life and relationship.

Now is the time to man up and become a master of your woman's body.

Now is the time to truly become the best lover she's ever had.

Now is the time to get started with The Blueprint