Sunday, 2 September 2012

Crying After Squirting Orgasm

When you give your woman a squirting orgasm it can be an intense experience for her.

Case in point...

Check out this email I received.

Last night my boyfriend and I made love and
I squirted a lot!
It was the best orgasm ever!...
Right after I cried really hard.
I wasn't sad or anything, but I was embarrassed.
Is it weird or unusual to cry after a squirting orgasm?

Intense to say the least, right?

First off this is not unusual or weird...

When you give your woman a squirting orgasm she's going to get a flood of emotions hitting her all at once.

And sometimes it can just become a little overwhelming.

Especially if she's not used to the feeling yet...

So when this happens all you need to do is hold her and be with her.

You want to share the experience with her...

Believe me it's a moment you'll never forget...

And will bring the two of you closer than you've ever been before.

Of course to get her to this point you'll first need to learn how to give her these intense powerful squirting orgasms.

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